Warning: This is My True Story

"I Am A Former Annuity Agent.  I Released The Most Controversial Report Ever Written About the Annuity Industry.  This Report Unveiled the
Truth About Annuities, The Agents and Insurance Companies That Sell Them, And The Everything You’ve Never Been Told.  If You're Suspicious About Your Annuities or Your Agent, This Report Will Tell You Why --- And How to Avoid Being the Next Victim.

(This is NOT propoganda nor a ploy to sell annuities.  This is the story about the annuity industry you've never been told.  It reveals everything you need to know.  I will tell it as long as I can and I hope that it helps you)


1. If You're Thinking About Buying an AnnuityWithout Reading This, You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life.

2. If You're Selling Annuities Without Knowing EVERYTHING in This Book, One Day When You're Being Litigated Against because you unknowingly sold something unsuitable,  You'll remember passing it up and Wish You Bought It.

3. If You Already Bought An Annuity And You're Here to Figure Out What You Did Wrong or are trying to get out, We Will Help You (See the Grey Box Below Titled 'If you already own an annuity')

***And, NO THIS IS NOT A FREE REPORT.  So If You're Too Cheap to Buy It, Then Go Find a Stupid 5 Page Free Report by Someone Who's Going to Try to Sell You An Annuity After You Read It.  It is not free to run this site or to get my message out.

Not Reading This Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

From the Desk of Tony Bahu


Dear Reader,

It's outrageous... unacceptable... and I can no longer sit by and watch it happen! Everyday, unsuspecting people are being taken advantage of by insurance companies and annuity salespeople and something has to be done about it...

People need to know the truth---THE WHOLE TRUTH!

If you're thinking about buying an annuity or if you own an annuity, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

In an industry that's supposed to help you protect your financial future, it's shocking to see how much misguidance, poor judgment, and flat out lying that's going on.

All this is done in order for greedy salespeople and insurance companies to sell some of the highest commissioned products in the industry---And they're counting on you NEVER finding out what they really sold to you!!!

And by the way, if you're convinced that 'your' agent would never steer you wrong---then think again. Even if your agent had the best of intentions, very few salespeople even fully understand the annuities they're selling. Your agent may be a good-hearted and well intentioned person, but if he isn't fully aware of what he's selling you, or he's been misled by the insurance company (like many are) YOU end up being the victim. On the other hand, your agent may be more worried about his paycheck than about you, where again, you end up on the losing end of the deal.

So who is benefiting from this outright deception? 

Sales agents and insurance companies.

And it's costing you financial security - the very thing annuity sellers promise their products provide.

Make no mistake.  If you thinkthat you know your annuity because the agent explained it to you, then most likely... YOU DON'T.  The sad truth is that you'll probably never be made aware until it's too late...WAY TOO LATE!!!

Let me explain...

My name is Tony Bahu and I'm 35 years old.  I'm a loving husband to my beautiful wife and devoted father to my 2 young children.  You've probably never heard of me before this...and that's okay. By the time you're done reading this letter, you'll be very glad that you now HAVE heard of me.

I am a former annuity agent who previously helped many men, women and families choose the right type of annuity for their situation.

I'm a people person who used to enjoy meeting new folks and assisting them in choosing an annuity that would be the right fit for them and their family. 

As much as I loved doing it while I did it, I realized that I had a serious problem with many people in the financial service industry---especially the insurance companies...

They weren't helping people...they were hurting people and hurting them badly. I was shocked to realize the truth behind the insurance companies, the products they were selling, and the people selling annuities.  

ManyInsurance companieswere feeding agents half truths. They were making some annuities look so good in the brochure while underneath it all, they were truly products that would end up being a bad deal for the consumer---and great ONLY for the insurance companies and the agents selling them.  

The productswouldn't always live up to the expectations of the consumer (there is a very specific reason insurance companies can get away with this and we will tell you exactly why and how)---in fact, in recent years, many of these insurance companies have been involved in class action lawsuits for numerous reasons over their annuities (this includes one of the largest and most well respected AA rated companies in the industry).  And what's even more surprising was that the products that were the worst for the consumer would invariably be the ones that paid the highest commissions and the ones agents would be most excited about selling.  Furthermore, often times, even the good products were being misused and sold to the wrong people.

And finally, manyinsurance agents---some knowingly and many unknowingly, would provide their clients with 'biased' and wrong information either because they didn't know better or because they did know better but didn't care.  At times, the agent would be ignorant due to the insurance company painting such a rosy picture of the product. On the contrary, at other times the agent would be VERY aware that the product would not be suitable but didn't care because the commissions would be so high.

---THAT'S WHAT EVENTUALLY MADE ME DECIDE I NO LONGER WANTED TO BE IN THE INDUSTRY.  In fact as I exposed this information, insurance companies began retaliating by denying me appointments to sell their products.  It seemed to me, they didn't want to have someone like me in the industry who could provide you with this never before exposed information that has made them fortunes.  My choice was either to stop providing this information and to keep selling annuities, or to get out and do the right thing.  I believed in my message so much there was really only one choice.

I decided I would rather be on the outside providing accurate and valuable information to people like you who needed it to make good educated decisions instead of decisions based on false pretenses.  I found a new way to continue to help people.  TO REALLY HELP PEOPLE...

The big challenge in the industry is that the pay is VERY high for someone who can sell annuities and the bigger the commission, the bigger the temptation to sell an annuity even if it's WRONG for you!  The insurance companies have deep pockets and can afford to pay these agents handsomely in exchange for the opportunity to part you from your hard earned money.  It wouldn't be so bad if the consumer was aware of EVERYTHING up front and could make an educated decision.  However, that's almost NEVER the case.

As a result, YOU end up paying for it.  The reward per sale is so high (and I reveal just how agents get paid in my report) that MANY agents will do anything to make the sale from omitting important information (they claim what you don't know won't hurt you) to flat out lying.

Again, there are agents out there that simply don't understand the annuities they sell.  So they sell you something even they don't fully comprehend---something they were hyped up on by insurance companies who pay them handsomely to push.  Whether your agent lied to you or just doesn't fully understand the annuity they sold you, the outcome is the same...YOU LOSE.

It's a real shame.

A bad or unsuitable annuity can cost you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and can hurt you and your loved ones that you hoped to one day benefit from your hard work and life's savings.

With that said, please read on to learn more about the 'Annuities:  The Shocking Truths Revealed.'  By the end of this page, you will have the opportunity to download a copy of the report that has the industry up in arms.  This report will simply expose the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  More importantly, it will arm you with EVERYTHING you ever needed in order to make good decisions.  Bottom line, there is nothing available on the internet today that exposes more than this nearly 100 page report does.  Plain and simple, it is completely unrivaled.  And once again, if you already own an annuity and are dissatisfied for any reason, we have a special program that may be able to help you recover your money and damages. 

The remainder of this page is dedicated to describing EXACTLY what this report has to offer.  If you choose to order it, I am confident you will not regret it.  We have saved hundreds of people from making the wrong decision regarding their precious financial futures.  Furthermore, if you do order it, you can call me to discuss anything you have read in the book.  I answer my phone, return my messages (and e-mails), and enjoy talking with people about this topic.  Good luck with your investing and saving endeavors and I hope you find this as useful as many people across the country have.


   Tony Bahu


All I can say is... wow!

After reading your document I can honestly say that you are going to make a lot of people in our industry angry!

Job well done my friend.  This information has been quiet for too long and I for one am glad that you're letting the public in on the secret ways that clients get hurt in this industry.

I'm recommending "The Shocking Truths" to all of my clients as a must read and I'm confident that it will save them thousands of dollars and years of grief.

Thanks for the great work.

-- William Harwell, Annuity Agent, Detroit MI

"Your report was most useful in keeping a friend from buying something totally unsuited to her situation and knowing just how greedy the young seller was."

-- William David Turnbull, Colorado Springs, CO

"Every Consumer and Agent
Needs to Read This Information Now...!"

"I have never seen such a concise and fact-filled treatment on the subject of annuities and how to determine which, if any, is the right one to own.

Some agents will recommend a specific annuity strategy to their clients because it suits the client's needs.  What I mostly see, however, are innocent people who were either sold the wrong kind of annuity or who shouldn't have been sold an annuity at all.

How can the client be expected to make an informed decision if the agent doesn't understand what he's selling or isn't truthful?  Tony, I hope your "Shocking Truths" either educates every consumer or reveals every agent in America."

-- Alan Strebeck, Financial Advisor (Las Vegas, NV)


The Dirty Little Secrets
That Agents And Insurance Companies
Don't Want You to Know

Until now, the truth about how agents and insurance companies rake in big profits while hurting the consumer has NEVER been revealed in a way we are exposing it.

Don't get me wrong, even The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Smart Money, Forbes, and other reputable sources have written limited information exposing the issues concerning annuities.  Even Dateline NBC had a limited documentary (Tricks of the Trade) exposing some of the deception in the industry.  HOWEVER, until AnnuityMD, there has not been a COMPREHENSIVE resource to really helpconsumers to fully understand what they were sold and to recover their money when they were sold an unsuitable or bad product.  

The difference is WHAT we do for you;it's not just words or an opinion that your broker (who is trying to earn and protect his commission) will argue against.  AnnuityMD can put in your hands, the revealed secrets about your annuity and what you weren't told-powerfully and clearly-so you will know what to trust and make sure that you aren't ripped off.  And if you have been, put you in the best position to get your money back.

These secrets are only known to a few the people in the industry.

Don't get me wrong... there are plenty of hard working and honest agents out there that care about their clients. Furthermore, annuities can be a sensible choice if the right product is chosen and it is used properly.  

However, I see time and time again customers that were told one thing and the truth of the matter is entirely different. Quite frankly... it's very disturbing. 

Most agents unfortunately are not trained to properly analyze annuities or know whether a particular annuity is good for you--rather they are well trained to sell you.  I repeat once again annuities may be a sensible choice to achieve your financial goals when used properly---BUT THEY CAN BE A COSTLY MISTAKE when bad products are sold to you or good ones are misused.  

People NEED to understand and be educated so that they can protect themselves from falling prey to these circumstances.

So, what have I done and
what does it mean to you?

I've let the cat out of the bag.

I've created a breakthrough exposé report and made it available to the public for the first time as a downloadable product.  Meaning that you can have it in your hands in the next 3 1/2 minutes after deciding to own it.  No shipping and no waiting.

The report breaks down in simple to understand language exactly how unassuming and innocent people are being lied to, manipulated, and hurt by agents and insurance companies.  It does not contain anything that insurance companies and agents DON'T know---just what they DON'T WANT you to know.

Click Here to Download Now!

Again, if you currently own an annuity or thinking of owning an annuity, you MUST read this!

In this product you'll discover:

  • The truth about how agents get paid and why insurance companies don't want you to know.
  • The annuity you MUST own (if you're going to buy one).
  • Getting Out of the Annuity You Are In Without Tax Consequences.
  • What Your Agent Never Told You About the Return Policy
  • 'Medicaid friendly' annuities. You were told that your annuity is medicaid friendly... don't fall for the hype... I'll explain what's really going on.
  • The one annuity you should almost NEVER own-- unless you are a dying gambler!
  • Everything that you need to know about annuities.  Knowing and understanding this will save you thousands and thousands of dollars before you ever sit down and talk with an annuities agent.
  • Why a 'minimum guarantee' can do more harm than good.
  • How your annuity is being double taxed and what you can do about it.
  • How to use minimum guarantees to your advantage and why not understanding this can hurt you.
  • Exactly what you need to know about the 'index annuity' and what your agent isn't telling you.
  • When an annuity becomes your worst nightmare-- don't let this happen to you.
  • The differences between a fixed and variable annuity and the pros and cons of each.
  • 'Minimum Guarantees'... these can work for or against you.  You'll learn exactly what to look for.
  • The 'right' questions to ask your agent so that you get exactly what you need.
  • How to get an insurance company to send you a check every month-- it's not what you think!
  • Why you may be losing up to 40% or more of your return by purchasing a mutual fund through an annuity and why mutual funds outside of a variable annuity will just about always outperform the same mutual fund in a variable annuity.  Failing to understand this is like throwing your hard earned money out the window.
  • Have you heard of a 'living benefit'?  This is when an insurance company promises you that they will give you a certain percentage if the market declines.  I'll reveal the one thing that they FAIL TO TELL YOU and why it could take you 20 years to get your money from the day you're ready to pull your investment out.
  • How to realize gains without paying taxes.
  • The benefit that pays your beneficiaries 20%-40% on top of the gains you make at the time of your death.  Now this one can be a good thing or a bad thing.  I warn you to watch out for the cost of this feature and why you may be paying for something that you'll never get.
  • One way to leave your beneficiaries more money than your annuity's cash value.  This alone can change the lives of your loved ones after your passing-- this one tip alone will amaze you.
  • The ONLY way tomitigate surrender charges-- you'd better understand this one!
  • Many agents sell annuities by saying that you won't have surrender charges, but I tell you the truth and what to ask to avoid being burned.
  • How to avoid the tax time bomb.  A perfectly legal way to save tens of thousands of dollars by not paying income tax on your annuity gains.
  • The two things that your annuity better have-- this little gem can be a gold mine for seniors.
  • How to possibly get out of your existing annuity in much better shape than had you held it to its term by ACCESSING A SPECIAL PROGRAM NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE.  THIS INFORMATION IS VALUABLE AND UNPRECEDENTED.
  • AND NOW---Where to go to receive a COMPREHENSIVE personal annuity evaluation to tell you whether you own a PASS or FAIL annuity. This will give you the whole story about the annuity you currently own and access to possible help to recover your money (if appropriate).

And That's Just The Beginning.  There's much more:

Click Here To Download Now!

How To Gain An UNFAIR Advantage
By Learning The Following:

  • The key ingredient to tell a good agent from a bad agent.  It's your hard earned money-- don't give it away because you didn't know this critical information.  As far as I know, I'm the only one publicly and vocally revealing this information and agents are not happy about it.
  • The 'death benefit' trap.  You'd better watch out for this one!
  • What to look out for so that you don't lose money in a declining stock market.  This tip can be your best friend.
  • How annuities may reduce or even eliminate the income tax on your Social Security.
  • Learn if the gains are taxable in your annuity when passed to your beneficiary. 
  • The best way to structure an annuity to minimize your own personal taxes.
  • A list of all the right questions you better ask before buying an annuity.
  • Discover techniques to eliminate estate taxes and why almost nobody is doing it correctly.
  • How to have more spendable income.
  • The Bogus Bonus.  I explain in detail how your agent and the insurance company may try to manipulate you with this one.  You'll learn when the bonus will do you more harm then good.
  • How to protect your estate from long term health care costs.  Doing this wrong will cost thousands.
  • Ways to pass more money to your children-- you don't want to miss this one.
  • How to take advantage of some of the upside of the market-- WITHOUT THE DOWNSIDE RISK OF THE MARKET!
  • Learn if you're in danger of the IRS 'tax time bomb' that could rob you of 50% or more of your money!
  • Beware of the 10% annual withdrawal.  I show you how you can be penalized and why the annuities with the least amount of liquidity don't necessarily have the best performance and one solution to this dilemma.
  • How toincreaseyour current annuity value by as much as 300%

Click Here To Download Now!

Who's Getting The Best Deal--
You Or Your Annuity Company?

The information that I reveal has agents in my industry outraged.  They cannot understand why I would do such a thing!  The truth of the matter is simple-- innocent people are being hurt.  I can't sit back with a clear conscience and watch it happen.

Ideally, your annuity should be a good deal for your bank, the insurance company AND MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU!

Unfortunately, this is not often the case---with your interest coming in DEAD LAST.  This is an area where what you don't know really can hurt you!

If you already own an annuity, then the following questions have to be answered:

  1. What interest rates are you currently getting and are they competitive?
  2. Are the interest rates getting worse?
  3. What is the rating of your insurance company? (Critical)
  4. What are your surrender charges?
  5. Is your principal ever at risk?
  6. What retirement & income options does your annuity have? Are any of them worth doing?
  7. Is your annuity Medicaid Friendly?
  8. Did you properly designate your beneficiary, annuitant and ownership of your annuity?  Getting this wrong can be VERY EXPENSIVE.
  9. How safe is your annuity really?
  10. What type of return your annuity is designed to pay?
  11. How will you annuity be taxed to you and your beneficiaries?  Did your agent fail to optimize your money to counter the special and adverse annuity tax rules?
  12. How does your annuity fit into your overall financial plan?

These are just a few of the issues and problems I encounter every day.  I'm sure that at least one will apply to you.  And you could probably benefit from all of them.  And one or more of the answers from above may be distressing.  And most importantly, we tell you where to go for an objective, expert opinion of your annuity and your specific situation.

Not only will you learn the right questions to ask, how to decide what type of annuity is best for your needs, and how to avoid falling prey to the vultures out there, but it's explained in down-to-earth, everyday language that is simple to understand.

If you rely solely on the annuity salesperson for information, chances are that you will make an expensive mistake.  His "free" advice is often worth even less than what you pay for it!



Many people who own an annuity were often misled or flat out lied to.  Because of this, they are stuck in a situation where the annuity they own is 'holding them hostage' either because they are losing money, can't get their money out, or aren't making the money they should be making.  The unfortunate part is that, in the past, there has not been much recourse for annuity owners.  The arbitrations or settlements often come down to 'if you signed it, you should have known what you were signing.'  In other words, no recourse for you as the consumer. 

Well, that doesn't have to be the case anymore.  Because of what happened to me, I searched and found THE BEST resources for upset Annuity Owners.  These are the resources you need to have recourse against the big bad insurance companies.

Now, as part of your 'Shocking Truths Package', we will give you access to an Annuity Recovery Program to determine the suitability of what was sold to you.  If you qualify and it is deemed that you were mailiciously sold a product that isn't right for you, or if you just simply own something that is unsuitable for you, you may be entitled to a return of your principal and sometimes even damages.

This private legal program is offered exclusively through AnnuityMD.com and not anywhere else.  The objective is to get you the best and most unbiased information on annuities.  In addition, it's to give you access to resources that will  assist you in making sure you make good decisions when it comes to purchasing (or not purchasing) an annuity by helping you to avoid the myriad of mistakes investors have made regarding annuities, or to assist you in getting out of your unsuitable annuity. 

So, if you are an unsatisfied annuity owner, not only will you get everything mentioned on this site, but you will also be given access to this 'Annuity Recovery Program' along with your purchase of 'Annuities: The Shocking Truths Revealed.'

*Certain Restrictions Apply


Warning: Consider The Source - Do No Trust Any Information That Does Not Meet These Criteria:

There is a lot of misinformation about annuities - especially on the Internet.  It's almost always provided by someone in the industry, particularly someone trying to sell you an annuity.  If you haven't experienced this yet, keep searching and you will learn how true that statement really is.  From BIG insurance companies to independent sites, it's hard to find the right unbiased information you need. 

Let me share what sets us and our information apart.

1. INTEGRITY---We Won't Try to Sell You an Annuity

We are not a lead generation company.  Neither I NOR ANYONE ELSE WILL TRY TO SELL YOU an annuity or any other product or investment.  Most companies who offer any sort of annuity "information" (or misinformation) are usually just trying to sell you one.  Our goal is to get correct information in your hands that will help you avoid the mistakes many others have made.  And if you, like many others we have found, have been ripped off, we can help you to recover your money. <>

2.   At Your Service---We're Here for You.

Too many internet companies lose credibility because they hide from their customers. You may need help, and fast service is important to preserve your recovery rights.  AnnuityMD has dedicated customer support staff ready to serve you. You can reach us anytime at:

Contact us by email here.

Despite my title, I'm just a regular guy who's available to you personally.  Contact me by phone at 248-933-2033.  This is my direct line.  I answer the phone myself when I'm around.

3. In Plain English---This information is simple to understand.

Look, it does you no good if this information is not simple to understand.  AnnuityMD materials are in everyday language so that ANYONE can read it and comprehend what annuities are and are not, and what's really going on in this deceptive aspect of the industry.

It breaks it down.  It offers the pros and cons of the different types of annuities so that you can decide what is best for you and your family.  And it shows you what steps to take if you have been misled.

Some sales agents will use complicated wording to try and confuse you so that they can put you in an annuity that is best for THEM (meaning, they'll make more money!)  Others make it sound so simple (which annuities are far from).  Either way, these tactics are cleverly crafted to get you to buy.

You'll know EXACTLY what to look out for after owning this book and nobody will be able to pull the wool over your eyes.

4. IT'S UNIVERSALLY USEFUL---Whether you're considering annuities, or if you own an annuity, and are trying to figure out what to do, this is for you.

My information is for anybody who owns an annuity or who is thinking of buying one.  The information contained in this product will help you make good decisions---AND AVOID A COSTLY NIGHTMARE.

I'm not saying that you haven't made good decisions in past.  I'm telling you that I know this industry, the products, and the people and companies involved.  I know what agents are out there saying to individuals just like you.  Bottom line... you just may not know your annuity as well as you think.  Your  agent might have told you some things... but don't you want to be sure that what they said is true?

It only makes sense, doesn't it? 

If you're not protecting yourself, then nobody else will.

5. You get INSTANT ACCESS to this information.

This information is just a mouse click away.  After you click the download link, you will be directed to a private download page where you'll download your copy of my book. No waiting.  You'll have this money saving information in your hands minutes after deciding to take action.

Here is exactly what to expect when you order my product:
1) You click the "Download Now" button at the bottom of this letter.
2) You fill out the required information and hit "submit"
3) You are automatically brought to the download page.
4) Click "download" and open the file.

You are now on the path to understanding annuities as well or better than your sales agent and you'll be protected from unethical salespeople and bad annuities.  You'll have the knowledge that only people in the industry have.

Why not get started right now?

6. Find out the truth about how agents get paid and how insurance companies make money by selling annuities. 

You may be able to find some outdated book at the bookstore that will bore you with complicated language and a bunch of fluff about the different types of annuities, but this book is the only one that you'll find that breaks down and uncovers what's really going on.  Note:  Most of those books are written by so called 'financial experts who in reality have ulterior motives to do so (i.e. SELL YOU AN ANNUITY).

Sure, you could call up your agent (if you have one) and try to pry this information from them. However, people in this profession (even when they know these secrets) are so tight-lipped about what I share with you, that you'll never get it out of their mouth... never ever!

7. This information is practical and not theoretical---And it's in plain English.

So many products out there explain annuities in theory, but never give you everyday practical advice that you can use.  This information is the bottom line on annuities. 

You'll learn the most practical solutions to your needs.  This is where you can be a winner when it comes to annuities.

And most importantly, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IT.  It is not written from an "agent's" point of view but rather from the consumer's point of view and it is written in plain English and not in 'industry jargon.'

Where else can you get this valuable information???

Remember, the agent and insurance companies want you to BUY PRODUCT and won't share the practical but only the theoretical hype surrounding the product.  AnnuityMD wants you to choose your future wisely and provides you practical information that you can use RIGHT NOW to make the best decision.

8. I don't promise you'll make the absolutely best financial decision or other nonsense.

I don't promise or imply you'll make the absolute best decision even after reading this.  I don't know you, your background or anything else about you.  So how could I promise such a thing?  If I tried to guarantee that, I'd be lying. That's b.s.

However, annuities can be one of the best or worst vehicles to you reaching your financial goals.  You'll learn to avoid them when it doesn't make sense and to use them properly if you do decide to use them. Furthermore, if you already own one, you'll learn if you made the right choice and what to do if you didn't!!!

Furthermore, we give you access to WMi to analyze the annuity you have purchased or thinking of buying.

This information is invaluable.   You'll know and understand the inside information that only people in the industry are privy to.  Also, you'll get special access to a comprehensive analysis to make the best decision regarding YOUR specific annuity.

9.  This is not some 5 page brochure talking about annuity basics.

This is a fully packed documentary that delivers every little bit of information promised on this site.  It is deep and full of detail.  Unlike almost every 'free' offer on the internet, it's not designed to entice you to call us and buy an annuity (WE DON'T SELL THEM).  It's also not some 5 page poorly designed brochure.  It has been around for YEARS and is still proudly being offered to consumers like yourselves to assist you in making the best decision about your financial future. 

10.  We have put this product in the hands of many people and have had phenomenal feedback and results.

This information has helped consumers avoid costly mistakes.  Our testimonials are here for you to see.  We include first and last name (and require it in order to post a testimonial).  In fact, please feel free to contact us after getting your copy and testify to others what your experience has been.  Read below what others like you have said about our information.

Testimonials About 'The Shocking Truths'

Note:  By they way, please notice that all of our testimonials include first name (or initial), last name, AND location. Unlike many companies who place fictitious names and stories in order to hype up their products, WE only publish testimonials of clients who allow us to use their REAL full names and have REAL results.

Learn to Recognize the Wrong Agent
These e-mail books were very informative. Shortly after buying them I received a few phone calls from agents trying to get my business, but after asking them a few of the suggested questions you pose in your book that one should ask, I understood that they were only interested in a sale and their commission."

They persisted in sending me their material but that too was just the standard sales pitch and didn't really explain anything. I still have a lot to learn and understand, but your publications cut through the hype and has given me a lot more of an understanding on how annuities are invested and how agents pitch them.  Thank You
-- C. Keefe, Berkely CA
Information You Can Act On!
What I found most appealing is the personal follow-up Tony does with his subscribers.  He actually really does show and take a genuine interest in them.  His material gives you decision making info, which is rare in today's world of information.
-- Robert Giacin
Expert Answers for Your Situation
To learn more about SPIA's [Single Premium Immediate Annuities], as well as what's an EIA [Equity Indexed Annuities]...the AnnuityMD gold package felt right.  As a subscriber, I have expert answers and on-going collaboration.  AnnuityMD is a godsend.
-- Joe Kreill - Waukesha, WI

Here's The Cost And Why It's Worth Every Penny

If you are at this page, chances are you are trying to make a decision about an annuity right now.  PLEASE DON'T LET A SMALL INVESTMENT STAND IN YOUR WAY.  The Shocking Truths has helped many people avoid big mistakes and make the best decision regarding their annuities. 

People who already own this product have said they would pay $1,000 because of the amount of money, headache, and frustration that it has saved them!  No bull.

Understanding just one of these hush-hush secretsthat I reveal... may save you tens and tens of thousands of dollars and save you years of grief and aggravation.  Seriously, do you know what it's like to own the wrong annuity?

When you own this product it will pay for itself one thousand times over in the money that you'll save alone!  The money you will save and earn as a direct result of this explosive detailed information can pay you back 1,000 times your  paltry investment.  What if you don't buy The Shocking Truths and you end up making one of the mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in your future? 

My price isn't cheap but it's worth it considering the benefits.  It's currently $99 (Please see special marketing test below). 

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 Find out what your annuity company is rated. Discover what the people who really matter think about your annuity company.  This not only includes the ratings but other pertinent financial information that may be critical in determining whether annuity company is safe to be with.  This information could be worth at least $100 to you all on it's own.  It's yours FREE when you place your order by the deadline.

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Access to your states life and health guaranty insurance association so that you know guarantees before you buy an annuity.  Know what would happen if your insurance company were to go insolvent and know what your state is willing to do about it.  You may be surprised by the information you learn here.  You may be surprised by the information you learn here.  This information could be worth at least $50 to you on it's own.  You get it this information FREE with your order.

bonus 3Exclusive Report

My exclusive report, 'All The Things You Were Never Told About Your CD's-- The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth.'  Discover why CD's are not always what they're cracked up  to be.  These secrets may cause you to never want to buy a CD again.  This is a must read!  Valued at $25.

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After ordering the product and reading it,  if you feel like there are still some questions you need answered, you are eligible for personal support to help you answer questions you may still have.  I am open to phone calls and answer my phone and messages. ($195 value)

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Tony Bahu

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